What is the difference between Supplier, Dropshipper and Wholesaler?

The company that offers to sell your products is your supplier. How products are distributed defines the difference between a supplier-dropshipper and supplier-wholesaler. In the case of supplier-dropshipper, the products for sale are shown on your website. These are the products you have selected from our catalog. The advantage of this system is that you do not buy and stock the product yourself. When a customer places an order, you transfer this order to us and we deliver the products to your customer directly. In the case of supplier-wholesaler, you buy the products you will resell. There is a minimum order value, but you do not need to guarantee that you will sell these products. This is the perfect solution if you have a large budget that can sometimes be an issue and jeopardize your activity (stock problem, storage, etc.)

I am a small retailer, I make less than 10,000 USD of revenue per month. Should I join bodywholesale.com?

The moment you start working with bodywholesale.com there is often a “springboard effect“. We have seen many examples of business that started from 10,000 USD of turnover and grown to 100,000 USD of turnover in a very short space of time. At bodywholesale.com we don’t treat “small retailers” any differently to “retailers and you will have access to the same tools and services as the resellers who buy more than 200,000 USD per month.

I am a big retailer, I have many sites and I do more than 200,000 USD per month. Why should I join bodywholesale.com?

There are many advantages of joining bodywholesale.com even for large organizations. These include professional logistics, lower fee structures, and unlimited use of our qualified teams expertise and knowledge. This will result in an increase of revenue and margin for your company. bodywholesale.com have more than 13 years’ experience and offer the cheapest wholesale rate of the world anabolic market. We have a steady record of more than 150,000 parcels sent worldwide every year. Shipping times of 3-7 days for your customers and a delivery guarantee with our exclusive insurance. bodywholesale.com is the official wholesaler of the biggest brands and laboratories with over 430 verified references to our catalog. We have a contract of exclusivity with several popular brands. We have a large portfolio of online shopping sites who have enjoyed a professional relationship with us over several years. When you work with bodywholesale.com you don’t need to carry stock, and there are no staff required to co-ordinate packaging and logistics. There is absolutely no risk for you!

Do you accept all websites in your reseller program?

Unfortunately not. Sites that do not have a verifiable recommendation may be refused. We work to a certain quality standard, therefore we are selective in the brands we offer, as well as reseller sites we work with. If you are unsure if your site qualifies, get in touch. If you fail to qualify we may be able to offer some suggestions in order to improve your business, and qualify for our program.

How do I manage the orders of my clients? Is it complicated?

It’s very simple and fast: your customer places an order through your website. You then enter the order into your online private bodywholesale.com spreadsheet, including your customers address and shipping option. Stocks are updated live on your online private bodywholesale.com spreadsheet and your order is directly deducted from your deposit. We take care of all the order processing and logistics. A day later the order is shipped to the address your customer provided and we provide all tracking numbers. We created a simplified online order processing system so you can quickly integrate your customer orders. We buy, we store, YOU SELL, we send.

Can I view your stock levels in real-time?

Yes. Our stock levels are automatically updated in real time. You can see at any moment which products are out-of-stock. Products that have a high index of rotation with our resellers are typically available in larger amounts. However, items that have minimum rotation are replenished less frequently and quantities may be limited. You can view our stocks levels and prices on this page if you are already registered.

Can I sell products without a website?

Yes. We already have several sellers who resell without having an internet presence. The only disadvantage to this is you may get locked out of purchasing some products because they are reserved for sales of online platforms.

Who determines the price of products on my website? Do you impose a commercial margin?

We do not impose you a price for the products but we will inform you of a recommended retail price, based on consumer demand. From a business perspective, resellers generally agree to the price advised.

Is there a minimum to order?

You have no obligation to purchase a minimum amount and no targets to be achieved. However there are 4 different lines price according to monthly sales. Those who have large sales volumes have lower purchase prices.

Is there any reference to bodywholesale.com on the customer invoice or shipping declaration?

At no time during the process is your customer made aware of any relationship between your company and bodywholesale.com, since it is your company that we bill. The only mandatory requirements with the carrier, are the email address and phone number of your customer, which enables the carrier to contact the customer in case of any difficulty during delivery. Your customer will never see anything related to Body-wholsesale.com.

What is the commission rate that I can achieve?

This depends on the chosen products, preferred brands and your website. The volume of business conducted between your site and bodywholesale.com is also important in determining your purchasing prices. The overall margin of our resellers is minimum X2 above the purchase price.

How secure is my personal data?

To ensure the security and confidentiality of Personal Data that we collect online, we use data networks protected by industry standard firewall and password protection. During the course of handling your personal data, we take measures reasonably designed to protect that information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. In addition, we will never sell, share, or otherwise distribute your personal data or the personal data of your customers to third parties.

How do you bill the deliveries? And at what price?

Each e-merchant has their shipping rate according to the customers’ location. We have a unique packaging system for any order less than 1 kg sent worldwide. If the weight exceeds 1 kg the package will be split into 2, with each package being shipped on different days. We invite you to visit our SHIPPING PAGE for more information.